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    How to Step and Repeat around a circle or radius

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      For those looking for the simplest way to create multiple shapes evenly (equally) spaced around a center point, here's the only solution in Illustrator.



      1. Begin by drawing two intersecting guidelines, centered on your page. Turn on Smart Guides (CTRL + U) so you can make sure you are aligning the finished product.


      2. Draw the object you want to use. Center the object on the guidelines.


      3. Drag the object away from the intersecting guidelines.

      StepRepeat2.jpg4. Draw a vertical line along the guideline.  Make sure that it extends through your object.

      5. Decide how many objects you want to create.


      6. With the vertical line selected, double-click the Rotate tool (Object > Transform > Rotate...).


      7. From the chart at the left, select the angle associated with the number of objects you want.


      8. Enter that number and click the COPY button.

      StepRepeat4.jpg9. With the new line still selected, hit CTRL + D to repeat the duplicated line until it repeats completely around the circle.

      10. Select the object. (Make sure Smart Guides is ON).


      11. Click the Rotate tool.


      12. First click the intersection of the guidelines to establish the rotation point.


      13. Select the center point of the object and hold down the ALT key to move and duplicate the object.


      14. Move the object until it intersects with the next line. You'll see Smart Guides say "Intersect".

      StepRepeat7.jpg15. Hit CTRL + D to duplicate the objects around the radius.
      StepRepeat8.jpg16. Delete the lines.   You're DONE!