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    Debug vs Standard causing HTTPRequest errors


      Hello Flex Community


      My worst bug/problem rised up today where everything was running nice and smooth while building my Flex 4 application in Debug mode but when I did a release (as standard .swf) the application failed constantly straight after any httpRequest would fire.


      After searching the net for a bit I found this:


      http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1137223/flex-app-not-working-without-debug-version-of-f lash-player


      This looked like the problem as I had just switched from using xmlDecode functions to serialize the data to the serialization filer and had some getStackTrace functions that would potentially fail if it were not in Debug mode.


      My question is can there be any other debug only methods causing this? or possibly something to do with the newer serializationFilter?


      It would be worth noting these are https requests


      Any feedback would be appreciated