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    Managing a Site with Apache Web Server


      I have an Apache web server in my PC, the root directory of which is - htdocs. I have created a root folder(TestWeb) in -...My Documents\AllDreamweaverSite\TestWeb  and I have created another folder inside server's root directory named same as- TestWeb.

      Now what should be my site name? Does it have to be the same as - TestWeb

      In site manager under local info. , what should be the HTTP address ? Is it -http://localhost/TestWeb/ ?

      In site manager under Remote info., I have set my remote folder as -D:\xampp\htdocs\TestWeb\ , Is it correct?

      I have also set " D:\xampp\htdocs\TestWeb\ " as Testing server folder

      but in testing server there is another option for URL Prefix, what is that and what should be my url prefix? Is this the same as my HTTP address  - http://localhost/TestWeb/


      One more thing is that what do u mean by - Site's root folder in the Help file. Is it the same as server's root directory or the directory inside the server's root directory, in my case which is TestWeb.


      Pls help.