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    reader, to many updates, is a waste of time!


           Hi , don't get me wrong, i'm ok with updates, i know they are useful...and stuff, but Acrobat reader is updating every week ..sometimes twice a week, and it need's restart, that's stupid, windows is not updating every day ..and it needs restart maybe once a month, why can adobe make an update once a month..or somethin?, is just a document reader..how hard it is to do it right? there are others pdf readers that don't need update every week;..and what critical updates it needs almost every day?..and why for the love of god needs restart  !?, I appreciate very much adobe team and their software..i'm a big fan of photoshop , they did a great job.. but with this reader... is just stupid!, please adobe team stop doing updates every day,  do it once ..and do it good, please stop beeing stupid ! , i realy apreciate an answer to this.