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    RAM Preview at half res = crash ?

    TynanW Level 1

      Hi there,


      I have been having a problem with AE where it will crash on a RAM Preview . . . . but here's the weird thing, it only happens when the resolution of my composition is set to 'Half' ?


      It's becoming a real pain, previewing at 'Full' res is too much for this particular project (too slow) and 'Quarter' is simply too blocky to make good judgements about what it is I am looking at, so 'Half' res is pretty much ideal, but like I say when doing a RAM Preview the thing renders a load of frames then AE collapses with the following error dialogue appearing (see image below).


      This is not fixed to one AE project, it is happening on the three I am currently working on - I am on a i7 quad core iMac with 8GB ram and After Effects CS4 . . . .



      Anyone come accross this (or similar) before, and importantly anyone know how to get around it ?






      Cheers for any help,














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          TynanW Level 1

          Anyone got any clues as to what might be happening here . . . . . . ?


          The same problem has plagued me all day today, previewing on 'half' res renders so far then AE quits . . . . . ?






          Help !

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Yeah, for some reason it is producing negative values for the buffers and that makes it go *boom*. Do you use OpenGL? If so, turn it off. Otehr than that i realyl don't have much of an idea. The only other thing that comes to mind is that you are using an unusual resolution that causes a division error at half res. in that case, slightly increasing or reducing the comp size by a few pixels might help.



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              TynanW Level 1

              Cheers for the input Mylenium.


              I will try it with OpenGL switched off and see what happens . . . .


              Also the resolution is non standard (1280 x 540 pixels) - but as you can see it is still divisible by 2 - but I will try your idea of changing the comp size as well - I will probably just make it letter boxed in 720 and see what happens.



              Thanks once more, I will report back . . . . !