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    Green preview screen problem !




      first, sorry for my bad english, however i'm gonna tryin to explain you the problem i encounter with the preview screen of adobe premiere pro (as clearly as my english level let it to be clear...aiai)


      since i updated premiere pro, i got this green effect on the preview screen ! if i click on the preview screen, the image green effect disappear


      here you are a screenshot : http://bureau.geosign.fr/martin/premiere-pro.JPG  (left image is bad image, right image only if i click on the preview screen is good)


      and after exporting video (encoding process) the film is perfect...(not even a trace of green )


      my videocard drivers are up to date.(onboard/integrated chipset videocard intel 965 => i know, that's awful but i work on my laptop just for small video editing....i swear !)


      Do you have any idea ?


      thanks a lot,