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    Why is it Adobe has over 6000 posts in this forum that they are completey ignoring.

    Jerry Dees12

      Why is it that Adobe has over 6000 posts on this web site and obviously Adobe(who has taken my computer hostage}, has done nothing to rectify this situation. They have placed a botched up piece of software out for distribution and have done absolutely nothing for the consumer who unknowingly tried to use it. I for one would like to see some sort of response from Adobe. Are they working on this? Are they going to send us something so the can get 9.3 uninstalled? What?... And by the way, I think you have some program developers that should be looking for another field of work... just a thought..... this was neither developed properly nor was it tested thoroughly. It should never have been sent out for use. And now no doubt there are hundreds of thousands of consumers sitting at home not knowing what to do. Many probably going out and buying new computers becasue they don't realize it is a program issue. Shame, shame, Adboe.... Now you are right up there with WOW