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    Social Network Question


      I have a site developed with Dreamweaver (php, mysql). I need to add a social network module to this site.

      There are many free softwares that allow one to do this elgg, dolphin, NetworX and probably the best on BuddyPress. However my BIG problem is the INTEGRATION. I need to be able to allow the users to LOGIN just ONE time for the restricted parts of my site and for the social network module. Nobody seems to know how this can be done. I wonder what would be the best way for me to move forward. Does Adobe have anything related to building a social network etc. etc.

      Any help whatsoever is very much appreciated.





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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          I don't see why it couldn't be done.  The solution you are using for the client login I'm assuming you have an understanding of that.  As long as you can re-write some of the code from the social networking script to use your login and cookies then I don't see a reason why it wouldn't work.  It's just a matter of re-writing their code if there is nothing provided to do so.  There are some scripts out there that have modules for just this purpose so you may want to check with the developers of those scripts before moving forward modifying anything.

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            CarlyJ Level 1

            Yes, this would be obvious...except that is easier said then done. The code is QUITE complicated.