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    Color Correction in Pro (remove color cast)

    ruzun Level 1

      One thing I've never figured out how to do, if you can do it at all, is simple color correction in Premiere.  Typically I have to tweak things with a combination of Auto-Level, Auto-Color, Blend with original, and Image Control RGB to get things right for some UW shots.


      In Photoshop there is a feature called "remove color cast" where you simply click on a section of the still photo that should be white, then photoshop corrects the color in the entire photo so that the thing you clicked on is white and everything else is adjusted accordingly.  On many scenes this is perfect color correction.


      Is there something in Pro that is the rough equivalent of Remove Color Cast in photoshop?  If so how does one access and use that feature?


      -Roger Uzun