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    "Try Again" and confusion




      we have an AIR application to be downloaded here:




      Many users get confused, because the "Try Again" button shows too early, while the installation takes place. So they think that something has failed and they click again, so the installation starts again, etc.


      Also, when the installation completes, the "Try Again" remains there. What is the purpose of this?! Since a user still watches the same page, wouldn't the "Try Again" there say something like "Successfully Installed"?


      Is there an option or method that we did not apply to our application that solves that problem?



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          sorry wrong on post.

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            Hello, can somebody from Adobe reply my initial post?

            We believe that this is very important, it annoys us and we are sure that annoys a lot of users trying to install an "Adobe AIR" application.

            For example, this is what a user said when trying to install our "Adobe AIR" application:

            "After ten seconds or so. It then says:
            Installing Application

            Please wait while the
            application installs.

            After a while during which you get no feedback whatsoever whether anything is happening or not the “Install” text simply changes to “Try Again” without again giving no information why nothing is happening and why I would need to try again.

            The only thing that happens so far after I click “Try Again” is that after a while the same text appears again. I dont know how many times the developers think I will keep doing this but I can tell them that after three tries my patience has run out."


            Doesn't Adobe consider this as a serious problem? I personally had this problem of not knowing if I should press the "Try Again" button or not, because of the delay in showing the installer when pressing the "Install" button.

            Can anybody answer if this can be overcome?

            The worst thing is that Adobe does not allow us to re-distribute the AIR distribution through our application (via our own installer), which would make the installation seamless (at least for Windows PCs). It only allows the inclusion of the AIR distribution in installers that are located on CDs or intranets and NOT on internet websites (why?), which is our case.

            Is there a way to solve this problem?



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              chris.campbell Adobe Employee


              The custom badge behavior you're seeing is actually as designed.  After the "Installing" message, it will wait 5 seconds to see if the installation has completed, in the mean time the "Try Again" message is displayed. And it will keep trying every five seconds until it detects that the application was installed. At that point it should display Launch Now if you've allowed your app to be invoked from the web.


              I understand how that could be confusing to users, so I wanted to mention that you have a couple of options.  The first option, since you have access to the code, is to modify the source (AIRBadge.as and badge.fla) so you can change this behavior yourself.  Please see Getting started with the custom install badge for a link to the source and documentation.


              The second option would be to use the badge installer that is shipped with the SDK.  While this isn't as full featured, it shouldn't show you the "Try Again" message.  You can find instructions for setting this up in the Deploying Adobe AIR applications seamlessly with badge install.


              Hope this helps,


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                Thanks Chris,


                we will try what you suggested and see how it works.




                P.S. Too bad you do not allow us to redistribute the Adobe Air within an EXE installer. I see that we can do this, but you say that the EXE should not be downloaded from a public website? Can you clarify please if this is the case or I have misunderstood? Thanks.

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                  Hello Chris,


                  this is what a user told us, when I advised him to "ignore" the "Try Again" button and just wait for the application to appear (as there may be some delays on the server).


                  I mentioned the “Try Again” problem. I have now tried to wait to see whether anything happened  but nothing does. I used a network-sniffer to check on actual  network/internet traffic but nothing is downloaded. The only thing that  happens when I press Try Again is that it triggers a few (extra) packets  of communication between the computer and my modem/router by the  Microsoft-Windows/6.1 UPnP/1.0 User-Agent that look like this:

                  POST /UD/?3 HTTP/1.1
                  Cache-Control: no-cache
                  Connection: Close
                  Pragma: no-cache
                  Content-Type: text/xml; charset="utf-8"
                  User-Agent: Microsoft-Windows/6.1 UPnP/1.0
                  SOAPAction:  "urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:WANIPConnection:1#AddPortMapping"
                  Content-Length: 1121
                  Host: 192.168.XX.XX


                  Apart from that nothing happens. So “giving it some time” doesn’t  solve the problem


                  So, as you can see there are several problems reported by our users. How can this be solved? Only through the SDK Badge process or this will not solve this problem either?



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                    chris.campbell Adobe Employee



                    Thanks for the update and sorry your users are still having problems.  For the user that is running into the case where the Try Again button does not function, have they been able to install any other AIR based application that also uses the custom badge?  For example, http://getspaz.com/#desktop-download. You might want to consider trying a test page with the badge shipped with the SDK to see if we can narrow down the problem to the custom badge.  I also discovered this application that might help you customize the badge strings (once we work through the functionality issues): Using Badger for Adobe AIR Applications.


                    Finally, you are correct regarding the runtime distribution restrictions.  I'm guessing you've seen this page before, but in case you haven't please check out the Runtime Distribution FAQ.