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    Illustrator Installation Error! Please Help!


      Toward the last section of download - I get this error message
      "One or more required components of adobe illustrator CS4 failed to install correctly"
      I have tried turning my firewall/anti virus off.
      Closing down all unnecessary programs & Restarted my computer.
      None of this has worked.. My pc meets all the requirements for the software..Please HELP!!


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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

          If you had  your firewall and virus protection on at some point when attempting to install on a previous attempt you may now have a hard time doing so even though you have now shut them off.


          It was not wise to do so in the first place.


          Probably the permissions have been altered and you will not be able to install these components as the directories are probably set to either no access or read only.


          I do no know how one would repair the permission on PC though I believe you have to use the control panel to access each directory and change it that way. I did it onceand it work but I do not really recall what part of the control panel I had to access.


          You can try create a new account and then logging into that account makeing certain the firewall and virus protection and any other protective softwae is off and the reinstalling there.


          It might work.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Please provide more info about your system. Processor? Operating system? Available drive space? Other Adobe programs on it? Tablet used? Dual monitors? Forgive me, but saying that it "meets all the requirements" is pointless. A single bad driver or background service could royally mess up things, so provide as much info as you can.



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              PcCraze Level 1

              Reinstalling the OS fixed it up ... Thnx anyways.