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    Graphics Card issues with Premiere Pro CS4


      Hey there,


      I've placed the screenshot of my problem at the bottom of this post.


      I'm having lots of issues with premiere pro CS4 and editing videos since I upgraded to Windows 7. I have some .mpg and .MP4 videos. Both of which play fine in WMP, VLC, WinAmp, VirtualDJ etc. But when I load them into PPRO CS4, as you can see in the screenshot they go green and pink. And they don't move. I.e you see one still image and hear only audio.


      Now a fix I have found for this is to uninstall my graphics card. But this is no way an option to edit videos, as the resoultion goes from 1920 x 1080 to 1024 x 768.


      I should add that I am runnig the following system:


      Dell Vostro 1000 Latpop
      Windows 7 Ultimate 32Bit
      2.00Ghz AMD Sempron Processor
      2GB RAM
      ATI Radeon XPress 1150 Graphics card


      I have the latest graphics card drivers installed. I am just wondering what the problem is, and a potential fix. Would be great to hear any advice,