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    Restrict for TextArea Component

      im creating a calculator functionality in As3.0 here i'm passing the number and also operator as a string to
      TextArea by pressing the particular button like 1,2,3..+.../.
      but i need to restrict the operator
      here i'm using the restrict function for the Text Area Component . if typed the number and operator in the TextArea componenet instead of pressing the button it's working fine

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          Greg Dove Level 4
          The restrict property (at least in as2, I assume its the same in as3) only works as a typing restriction when the input textfield (which is what a TextArea uses) has keyboard focus.
          If you're assigning values by actionscript to your TextArea, then the restrict property won't prevent you assigning values that are 'restricted'. You need to do that with your actionscript so that you only assign values that are 'permitted'.