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    New to PageMaker question about making a book


      I'm still in the learning stages of PageMaker, so please excuse my terrible terminology.  Thank you in advance for any help!!!


      Each year I create a full size program book for our organization using 11x17 pages front and back (signatures).  In years past I have to wait to start creating the pages until I can confirm how many pages the book will have and which page will go where.  Since, we are selling ad pages for the book, the pages will increase, so if someone can answer my question (if it's even possible) you will be saving me HOURS and stress!!


      My question is this.....instead of waiting to create the book page by page, is there a way I can start to create individual pages (8 1/2 by 11) that can later be placed into my 11x17 formatted book??  I was hoping that there might be a feature that I'm missing that would allow you to drag and drop pre-created pages into the finalized signature for the book.  Possibly like a Powerpoint, where you can create slides and then place where you want in the end??  So sorry if that sounds completely beginner.  I know the very basics to PageMaker and haven't learned much more than what I need.


      I've read something about libraries, is this something that I would use?


      Thanks again in advance!!

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          ReneGnam Level 1

          Sure, glad to help.


          You have a few alternatives...


          1. Create all your 8-1/2 x 11 pages in one publication as you have time. Later, when you know more about the 11x17 (tabloid) contents, go back to document setup and change the 8-1/2 x 11 pages to 11 x 17.  Or...
          2. Create all your 8-1/2 x 11 pages in one publication as you have time. Export single pages as PDF files. Open a new 11x17 pub and place the PDF pages wherever you wish, moving them around as you desire.
          3. Open an 11x17 pub and create 8-1/2x11 contents on each 11x17 page. Then group the 8-1/2x11 contents so you can move the entire batch anywhere on the 11x17 page (or onto other pages) that you desire.


          Let me know if this helps you.




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            Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

            Also, if you are likely to continue doing this for some years, do consider taking advantage of the excellent upgrade offer from PageMaker to InDesign. I have just checked and it's still there, but nobody can tell for how much longer.

            The reason is that PageMaker has been a dead program for many years, and you may well find that, next time you upgrade your operating system, you are no longer able to run it. Plus, everything you want to do is much easier in InDesign.