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    D/W CS3 Template modification

    auctioneer Level 1

      I have a site I'm creating from a template which is in its early stages www.auctionontario.ca/rogersmockup.html Creating pages from the template work well, however I need to create a page from the template without the 'sidebar' div.  In other words, the new page I create will update like the others, but will have a 'maincontent' div stretching from edge to edge.


      I hope this make sense?



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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          Only way to do this is to create another template within your site without that div.  Once the template locks parts of the files, even if it is a small thing the template will not allow it.  So just open your template, remove the div and do a Save As to create a new template without the div.

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            auctioneer Level 1

            I remember dealing with this issue in college and for the life of me can't remember how to accomplish this using the ONE .dwt


            If we can have a templated site lets say with a combination of 2-3 columns, there must be a work around for this.