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    Lightsaber effects using dynamic link with Premiere pro and After Effects CS4

    mrpeterk1 Level 1

      Hello all,


         I'm working on a video project and want to add a lightsaber effect but one layer that's supposes to be transparent isn't using Dynamic link.


        I shot video of my head and keyed out everything else.  I made a flash body to put my head on.  Now, I know how to make a lightsaber in After Effects CS4. (starting with comp 1 with video footage making a white solid layer then using the pen tool to make the saber.  Then copying the video footage and placing it in comp 2.  Then going back to comp 1 and deleting the video footage. then on comp 1 making a BLACK SOLID LAYER {this is the problem} and placing it below the white layer.  Then duplicating the white layer 3 time.  Changing each white layers mask feather to make the glow.  then going to comp 2 and take comp 1 and nest it to comp 2..  Then change the blend mode of the nested comp 1 to screen.  


        The main timeline is in Premiere Pro CS4 and I have on video layer 1 a Photoshop file which is pink in color and is the background of this project.  I made a dynamic link to After Effects and copied and pasted the video and flash footage to the comp.  Here I made the lightsaber


        Here is the problem.  The Dynamic link comp with the video,flash and lightsaber wont show my pink background in Premiere Pro It shows my video,flash and the lightsaber but the background is black.  While trouble shooting I noticed if I turn off the BLACK LAYER for the lightsaber effect, I see my pink background with the video and flash footage and light saber glow, but my blue lightsaber color wont show. 


         Doing more trouble shooting I brought the photoshop file to the lightsaber comp and I see the video,flash,lightsaber but I think because the background is pink I only get one glow color to the saber (vilot color)


         If the black layer is suppose to be transparent then why cant I see my background in Premiere Pro, using dynamic link ?


      appreciate any help I can get,


         Thanks in advance.


             MR PETER K



      P.S.  - One way I kinda got this to work was I took one of the white layers masks and copied it and pasted it on the nested comp 1 layer.  Adjusted the mask width and feather and I got a ok blue color glow.  You just cant make the mask width too much because it shows to much black.  It's not as good as I want it and hope someone can help...



         Thanks again.......