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    anybody get the update to update?


      So this today at about 6:00pm I'm going through a few tapes on my canon XHA1. I'm viewing the tapes through PRemiere Elements 8 as I'm looking for a particular scene to capture. things are going just as they should. First I turn on PRE8 then rotate the dial on my camera . the software recognizes my camera and I'm off. I'm viewing footage on the capture screen of PRE. . I change the tape and I get a message stating there's no camera connected. wacky. I just can't get it to work. I close out and restart PRE thinking that will help. on the opening screen I'm told to go to adobe update an download the update to fix connectivity. wow, i think how the heck did it know I was having problems. oh well, so I do it . for a couple of starts of PRE it still doesn't see the camera .wait now it does cool, everything back to normal. wait, not yet . it sees my XHA! however the capture window does not show my recording I'm watching it on the cameras screen and it is not controllable from PRE. meaning no capture possibilities .any body out there get the latest update, to update?

      ps what the heck is GPU that if I turn off is supposed to make things work smoother





      windows 7 64

      intel core i5 CPU 2.67GHz

      RAM 4 GB

      PLENTY of space on drive

      updated nvidia driver as was told

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          mox90291 Level 1

          OK so I thought if I restarted after doing the update thing it might work. so I restarted my computer. I started PRE chose open project . project loaded fine. clicked on get media as I'm still looking for that particular footage. oh yea XHA1 is turned on and hook up to firewire card. now I'm told  my current camera settings are different from my project settings. let's see if that really makes a  difference. well I was able to control camera from PRE. and I was able to capture and the capture did show up in my clips panel. maybe things are looking up! I'll keep you all "updated"


          more to come


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            mox90291 Level 1

            okay I feel I've stumbled onto something. Again I removed a tape and inserted another. I can control the camera from the PRE software but, no visual. I can capture but the capture is all black. However ,and this is probably camera related, the tape that was working fine is an HD tape and the tape not visualizing is not an HD but standard DVTAPE. anyone know where the settings needed to make this work might be found?



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              nealeh Level 5

              When you create a new project, in the first dialogue box, you choose a  preset. PRE remembers this choice for the next new project. As you have  been using HD you should change this to DV-Standard 48kHz.




              I tend to use WinDV for reviewing my tapes.


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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                How to do this and much are is included in my free Basic Training with Premiere Elements tutorials at Muvipix.com.