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    Importing semi-transparent graphics


      I am building a website in Photoshop and I have all of my pages in separate hidden groups in my PSD file. When I import that file into Catalyst, the program seems to have a hard time with the layers (ex. one of my groups is a black box that covers the page with the box set at 60% opacity and displays a message). Behind the semi-transparent box you are able to see layers that are underneath that layer but have their visibility turned off, therefore should not be visible at all. All I want to be visible in the background is the page that your currently on. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!


      -John Riordan

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          Merchas7m4 Level 1

          You could always add transition sequences within the slates.

          E.g: Make 'Fade Out' on the layer that are meant to be invisible and set it from 100 - 0 and 5 - 0 seconds transition. (depends on how smooth you want the transition)

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            johnriordan Level 1

            I'm not having any problems with transitions. My problem is essentially that Catalyst is incorrectly importing my PSD file, specifically with layers that have some transparency. When a semi-transparent shape is imported, in catalyst it makes the layers underneath the shape visible at all times regardless of whether or not their visibility is turned on. If that's not making any sense to anyone I can provide screenshots if need be.