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    Problem for video streaming in stratus...

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      we did a flex project on p2p video conferencing using stratus.we generated the video streams dynamically by calling the farID. But after calling to 2 or more persons some of the streams which we called at first got distortions and finally no streaming.some times no problem for 2 or more streams.

      Is this the problem in Stratus?


      Plz help............


      Ad. Thanx

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          palkan_tula Level 1

          First of all, I think there is no problem in Stratus, 'cause it only helps your apps to "find each other". But somewhere here i've read, that Stratus sometimes is too loaded (in special time periods) and there can be some problems. Maybe so.


          I had some simiral problem (but even in one-on-one video-streaming). The solution was to detect NetStream.Event = = NetStream.Closed and then reinitialize incoming stream. It works fine for me.


          Or you can do it manually in your app - just add some control button "Renew" for each video to reconncet, i'm sure, it will work too (it was the first my solution of this problem).