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    Movie Clip. HELP!


      i have 2 movie clip in different layer but in the same frame (e.g 0 to 10).

      i have:
      1st movie clip contains a red circle that will animate from left to right.
      2nd movie clip contains a blue circle that will animate from right to left.

      i have 2 square buttons (a green and black) that will control the two movie.
      all i want to do is if i press black square button the 1st movie will play but not the 2nd movie even though they are in the same frame?


      and yes i want the 1st/2nd movie to stay after the either of two movie played that's why i put them in the same frame size.


      how can i do that? please help!

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You need to build each of the animations as separate movieclips that have their own timelines that they move across the stage in.  You control them by giving them instance names and telling them to stop() or play() as desired.  For example, one button could command...





          Where mc1 and mc2 are whatever instance names you assign.


          So you can have the animations occupying one frame of your main timeline, and the 10 frames they animate in are within the individual movieclip of each.