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    Reference to existing functions


      Is it possible to create a reference for a function in ActionScript?


      for eg.


      private function clickHandler(event:MouseEvent,index:int):void









      I need a reference to the above function

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          David_F57 Level 5



          not sure of what you are after here, you can call any function as long as it has a matching paramters, if you have 3 buttons and you wish to assign them the same click function you can do this in actionscript with a listener,


          i..e mybtn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK,clickHandler)


          obviously when assigning a listener to 'custom' events you need to deal with how the paramters are handled, there is plenty of information out there about custom event handlers.




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            pauland Level 4

            All function names are references, and variables can reference functions.


            David showed you the addEventListener(someEvent, someFunctionName) use.







            private var foo:Function;


            private function init():void{


                      foo = bar;

                      foo("calling the bar function");




            private function bar(str:String):void{