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    problem with VideoPhone sample outside builder

    ofir b

      i manage to make the VideoPhoneLabs sample work.


      when i do export realse...and i go to the bin-release folder and open the html in chrome evrything works fine!!!!


      if i copy the bin-release folder to my desktop and open it in chrome and do connect, then i get an idManagerError  ???


      i think it has something to do with security? or the web service??

      but its wired same computer  diffrent location...


      i will by happy to get  some directions...



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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          if the SWF isn't running from a Flex Builder debug folder (say, via HTTP or any local folder that's not a bin-debug folder for an active Flex Builder project), then the Flash Player will enforce crossdomain security policy.  the web server hosting your registration web service needs a crossdomain.xml file allowing the SWF to connect.  ask google about "crossdomain.xml site:adobe.com" and that should give you some good pointers.