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    CS3 Data to show as a Percentage

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      I'm using DW CS3, creating datasets from Access 2007/2010 and within access, have the data shown as %.


      So, field Output2 (Within Access) = -0.964285714285714 but as a percentage, when set as such, displays -96.4%


      When I've created a dataset and then an Update Record Form Wizard creates the page, it displays -0.96428etc instead of -96.4%.


      Question:  How do I get the data to show -96.4%?


      Would I place something here:


      <td nowrap="nowrap" align="right">Output2:</td>
                  <td><asp:textbox id="Output2" text='<%# dsResults1.FieldValue("Output2", Container) %>' TextMode="SingleLine" Columns="32" runat="server" />     



      This has stopped me in my tracks as I thought that the page would pickup the percentage figure as it's intended and shown within Access


      Thanks all