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    Uptade 9.30 vers 9.32




      Sorry for my english, i'm french !!!


      I'm administrator and I use GPO to install adobe Reader.

      On alls machines i have install by GPO the version 9.30, with with file msi, that i have find on FTp Adobe.


      I want to install 9.31 but i find on ftp only file Msp.


      So i use msp with the command msiexec /a fichier msi /p fichier msp for construct file msi to install 9.31.


      But when i execute the file i obtain a message that say :  Another version of this product is already installed...

      I don't want ti uninstall the version 9.30 before install 9.31.


      I don't resolve this problem.You can help mee.






      En français voici le message qui apparaît (Et je n'ai sur ma machine que la version 9.30)

      Une autre version de ce produit est déjà installée. Impossible de poursuivre l'insatllation de cette version.
      Pour configurer ou supprimer la version exisante de ce produit, utilisez l'application Ajout/suppression de prgrammes du Panneau
      de configuration

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          vbhv_malik Level 1

          From the command you are using it seems that you are deploying Reader 9.3.2 via AIP.


          There are 2 ways with which you can update your reader installation with an AIP:

          1) Run repair on client machine while keeping the newly updated AIP at the location from where the original reader installaion was done.

          2) Uninstall the existing installation of reader and then deploy the new AIP.


          To me, method 2 is more clean and safe as compared to method 1.

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            CIRMP Level 1



            Thank you.


            But i want to construct an msi, to use it with a GPO to install the update 9.32 on my network for all computer.

            And not to unistall indivudally on the computer for to install after.


            Sorry for my english