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    How to? Framework/Navigation - components?? see link to site...


      I an trying to build an application for my business. It is for customer details, properties that my customers want me to work on, projects associates to those properties and I want a sysytem where projects are made up of multiple tasks, where I can build screens for a team of tradesman who I can delegate the tasks to controlling time and materials cost budgets.  PLEASE HELP!!!  I can draw the design i want, but even with Catalyst cant seem to picture the correct component set up.




      I have a 'console' screen to display all information I will need to act on.

      The navigation is to go to the top level of each section.


      If the buttons can only link to states of the component you are inside; how do you go out of one level and into another??


      to help you see this, I have

      The main state - this has the buttons/navigation (not in a component)

      A custom component called 'content'

           The 'content' component has 2 states

                'dashboard' and


                     inside 'customers component'  4 states

                     'Cusomer details'  /  'customerslist' / 'EditGroupList' / 'CustomerGroupList


      So.. in the 'Dashboard component, are 6 components each with multiple buttons.

      One example is that a button on the 'dashboard screen' is 'NewCustomer' which I want to navigate to the 'newCustomer' state of the 'customerComponent; but that simply isn't possible????


      Can anyone help? Do i need to do further development in FlashBuilder??