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    Need help with understanding HD


      Just picked up a new HD video camera and it seems technology has played a trick on me.


      my Sony HD camcorder imorts the file as a .m2ts file

      When imported in Adobe Orgnizer Elements - preview looks skinny and "squished"


      It seems like the camcorder has a preference to video a whole bunch of stuff and then burn it to DVD in high def or normal resoluition - whereas I like to record by clips, organize them, and then add into Ppremier Elements as needed. So I really don't understand what to do or how to do it, to get the results i need?


      Do i need to manually convert each .m2ts file into an .avi?

      When I open a HD clip inpremier, the size is right, but preview is all blurry and jumpy?

      What is the best way for me to take one of my clips and have it ready to insert in a movie?


      Thanks - any help would be appreciated.