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    Flex Remoting with CFCs

    Logical Chaos Theory
      Ok heres the situation,

      recently I finished building our first flex application and it was done for a pretty major project so this issue is quite pressing.

      I build an application for Quaker Oatmeal's Smart Heart Challenge (TM) ( http://quakeroatmeal.com/qo_heartHealthy/smartHeartChallenge/index.cfm) and I am using ColdFusion for the entire back end of the application.

      The way all of their PepsiCo servers work is we have a review site and a production (live) site for each individual brand's website (i.e. quaker oatmeal, tropicana, ricearoni, etc...).

      Each brand's sites have it's own server which both the review and live version of the sites run on.

      The Quaker Oatmeal server is the only one that is still running a JRun enterprise setup with ColdFusion running as a package or how ever all of that works.

      The review and live sites each have their own complete set of the web site's files so that they do not conflict during updates for reviewing before going live. This even includes all coldfusion cfcs.

      In flex I am referencing my cfcs with the absolute path from the root of the site using the standard dot notation.

      The problem is that the live site is completely ignoring it's copy of the cfcs in that specified path and is using the cfc's from the review site.

      We have checked that there are no conflicting coldfusion mappings.

      This problem is a major inconvienance because anytime we change any cfcs we have to place them in a different modules directory on the review site and change all the referencing paths in the flex application so that we may test our changes on review without conflicting with the live site.

      Does anyone have an idea of what this could be?