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    Flash / Shockwave Flash


      I have a swf file on my site and locally, when i go to execute it it gives me the following error



      Flash 6 Player required

      dex.cgi ?P1 _Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash



      I have 10 installed so it should work. what should i do to fix this, i need to put up a catalog

      it works fine in flash when you Control Test Movie


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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          it probably won't work in flash player 10 but you shouldn't see that error message if your publication settings are correct.


          upload your js, html and swf to a server and post a link.

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            crashncrazy Level 1

            How do you first find the files and second how do you upload them?? using


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              carl schooff Level 3

              there is most likely a "flash player version detection" script in the swf.

              when a swf runs the player knows what version it is and has info like


              MAC 5,0,3,23

              WIN 4,0,0,0


              people used to write scripts to detect what version they were using by analyzing the FIRST number in version info.

              These scripts would look at the major version numbers like 5 and 4 above.


              so now flash player 10 looks like this:


              MAC 10,0,2,54


              the FIRST number is 1

              so old scripts that were written poorly that are testing for flash player 6 and above would work like this
              if the first number is less than 6, than tell the user to upgrade.
              Well now the first number is 1. So 1 is less than 6 and you see that upgrade message.

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                kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                use the default publication settings (file/publication settings) and save your fla to a directory you can find.  then publish a new html and swf with the default names and upload those files.  or, test again locally.  publishing from flash will probably solve the first problem for you.

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                  crashncrazy Level 1

                  it loads fine on computer this is happening online uploaded by

                  ftp then it opens the file flip book and then goes through th pages super

                  fast. then repeats, repeats,repeats i think its flash player 10 cause i unloaded 10 and put in 6 and

                  it worked fine on computer and server.


                  Core Ftp

                  Windows XP

                  Flash CS3

                  I have never seen this before and i have built many flip books using files that worked and yes

                  i have copied and pasted it , and it dont work


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                    kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    there are several common "errors" in coding that the as2 compilier for flash 6 will allow that cause problems for later flash player versions.


                    and that's what i mentioned before.  you could probably stop that flash player warning by publishing a new html from flash.  but you would then probably hit some coding errors.