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    Font problems with dreamweaver on Mac

      Hi, i installed dreamweaver cs3 as a part of web premium suite on intel mac os x 10.4.10. My international settings are set to Turkish. There are some oddities with fonts. Dreamweaver font list displays some fonts with CE suffix (Helvetica CE, Lucida Grande CE ...) but these fonts are not installed on my computer. How does dreamweaver displays these fonts? I checked the install log and couldn't find where these fonts are located. Other applications in the web premium package doesn't show these fonts.

      Also, dreamweaver is having problems with Turkish characters if I don't use these fonts. For example, I want to use default operating system fonts Helvetica or Lucida Grande (which have Turkish character support and works fine with Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Illustrator CS3) in css font family but Dreamweaver can not display Turkish characters with these fonts. If I use Helvetica CE instead of Helvetica, Turkish characters are displayed without any problem but this is not an option because most people have Helvetica (not Helvetica CE). Previously I was using Dreamweaver MX 2004 on windows and didn't have any problems with Turkish characters.