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    Choppy video in Program Montior




      I recently started recording in AVCHD and when I import the video into Premiere Pro I can open the file it it's own monitor and it plays fine. I can set my In and Outs, etc. However, when I add it to the timeline and play the entire timeline back in the Program Monitor, the video is horribly choppy. This is a brand new camcorder and when I had previously (on the same machine setup) used non-HD, avi from a MiniDV tape, it played fine.


      Is it because the high quality format I record in? Why then, would it play fine after imported but not in the timeline?



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          Holland87 Level 1

          Just another note. I rendered the timeline and it seemed to fix it.


          Is this my only solution?! It takes a while to render...

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Playback of AVCHD material is heavily dependent on your CPU - much more so that most formats/CODEC's.


            That Rendering helped, is a good sign, and will likely get you adequate playback. Remember that you can limit the Render (and time), with WAB (Work Area Bar), if you do not need the best playback for the entire Timeline.


            Maybe let us know a bit about your computer. This ARTICLE will give you some tips on what info would be helpful.


            Good luck,



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              Holland87 Level 1

              Hi Bill,


              Thanks for the response. Here are my specifications:


              - Win7 Ultimate x64

              - 4gb DDR2 667 PC-5300

              - AMD Phenom 8450 Triple-Core @ 2.10 GHz

              - GeForce GT 220 PCI-E x16 @ 1gb DDR2

              - 500gb WD SATA HD


              It doesn't appear to me that anything unusual should be stopping it but who knows. Rendering takes a while, but it plays 100% fluid in the Program monitor after it finishes. Is it my specs?



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Well, the CPU is on the very light side. Many users will say that a very fast Quad-core is the absolute minimum, and many others will say that only a very fast i7 will do the task.


                AVCHD, unlike most other formats/CODEC's requires tons of CPU horsepower. For most others, having a well laid-out I/O w/ a minimum of 3x physical HDD's, and a RAID for HD media, will be the minimum.


                Good luck,



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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  If you look at http://ppbm4.com benchmark results, you will notice that even an AMD Phenom 8650, which is faster than your system, is around 7 times slower than the top performers,


                  You CPU and single disk setup just does not cut it with AVCHD material.