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    QuickRead Replacement?

    Lou Dina Level 3

      Years ago, I downloaded the free version of QuickRead for my old PC before it was sold to XRite (I'm not on a Mac so QuickRead doesn't work). QucikRead was a great little utility that allowed me to read, graph, interpret, convert, export and view color data collected with my EyeOne Pro spectro. I liked it since it would take spot readings or scan readings quickly and accurately, without having to define or generate a chart. I miss it.


      I can use MeasureTool for some of this type of work, but one spot reading at a time. It has its uses, but I am looking for a Mac replacement for QuickRead or something that comes close. Free would be nice, but I'm willing to pay a nominal price for it.


      Any recommendations?


      Thanks, Lou

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          Larry Tseng

          Greetings Lou--it's been a while.

          This is probably not much help, but have you tried using PM5's Color Picker Tool instead of Measurement Tool? You can't scan, but you can take any number of readings and export them out for further processing, say, in ColorThink Pro 3, or in Excel.





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            Lou Dina Level 3

            Hi Larry. Yes, it's been awhile. I hope all is well up your way.


            I hadn't even thought about PM5 Color Picker. It doesn't scan, but at least I can collect multiple spot readings, see Lab readouts, and specify an output profile for comparing data. Not as flexible as QuickRead (at least for my intended purposes), but a lot better than MeasureTool. Thanks for the idea. I'll probably use that unless I find something better. I don't need it that often, but when I do, I do.


            Best to you, Lou