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    Generating PHP


      I am currently working through book "Flex for developers:data driven applications with php,asp.net,coldfusion".I am a Flex novice and i need help.In the book there are a few case studies(one for php,coldfusion etc.).In the php example the author is creating a simple blog,and is using php as back-end.

      He is talking about creating php pages that will talk to the database(but his explanations are really poor,or i am really stupid:)).Nowhere in the book he tells how to create that pages,he just assumes that i need to know that.I should be able to see those pages on localhost(i have apache installed) but i am clueless.Please if someone knows how to create these pages(i assume in some kind of text-editor) and how to view them on local server i would be very grateful!!


      p.s. sorry for my english