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    Flex 4 Trial - MAMP Channel Disconnected - help!

    ed_f Level 1

      I am doing some simple testing with the Flash Builder 4 Trial

      I am running MAMP on my mac and am trying to use PHP to to talk to the mySQL database.

      In Flex 3 this was pretty easy. I am following basically the same procedures (they have change)


      I am simply using the Bind to data...  and going throught the wizard. Everything seems find

      when I bind it to a datagrid - the grid sizes to accomodate all of the fields and puts the correct names in the header.


      But, when I run the application I get the error "Channel disconnected Channel Disconnected before an acknowledement was received"

      I can't find any way around this or much information on the error.


      Would appreciate any help.