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    Strange interaction with Win 7 search indexing?


      This is probably a red herring - but just in case:


      I am running new ACR 5.7, new DNG converter, LR 2.7, LR 3 Beta2, and Photoshop CS4 on a Dell M70 notebook with 2 Gb ram running Win 7.  I have been working on a presentation on HDR technique so I have been shuffling files in various fomats (including DNG) in, out, and between apps but mostly in and out of PS CS4.  Things went unstable and CS4 and/or the Photomatix plugin would run out of memory doing things I had done minutes before.  I turned on task manager and discovered that when I closed Photoshop memory in use did not drop!  The commit was stuck at 1.7 Gb and the CPU (this is a single core machine) was running 70+% on searchfilterhost.exe.  A Google search turned up references to a beta DNG file codec as a possible problem.  Hence this post.  I have since told the disk indexing functions to ignore DNG files and shut off content indexing at the drive level.  With indexing shut off everything is back to normal.  I will turn the indexing back on with the DNG files off.  If that works I will later turn the properties indexing for DNGs back on.  If this yields any useful (as in repeatable) info I will post an update.


      Kudos for the much improved NR in LR3!  Sam