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    Hi. Video highlights flicker. When I zoom picture back to 50% it flickers.

    creazer Level 1

      I'm using Premiere Pro CS3

      I've been having a problem with my footage flickering. Especially in the highlight areas. highlight areas with high intensity lighting. I've had 3 people who are professional Adobe certified trainers, and they can't tell me what's wrong with it which at times is really frustrating. Also, when I keyframe a picture and zoom it back to say scale 50, it also jitters pretty obviously.  I've seen the same footage on a Mac and have seen the same keyframe used with no jitter at all.


      I had a chat to Harm Millard(Adobe forums) who suggested that I answer the 16 questions which is located at http://premierepro.wikia.com/wiki/Troubleshooting


      Here are my answers:

      Q1: The codec used in your source clips                                                                                                           

      A: Please see attached screenshot jpeg called 'harm'


      Q2: Premiere Pro                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

                      1. version number A- Version 3.0.0 (374)

                      2. Installation Language  - English

                      3. Updates applied - ?

                      4. Project/sequence settings A - Please see attached screenshot jpegs - 'project settings' & 'Sequence settings'

      sequence settings.jpgproject settings.jpg

      Q3: Operating system

                      1. Name   A: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit operating system

                      2. update/ patch level   A: See attached screenshot jpeg - 'Q3.2 updates applied'

                      3.Installed language   A: English

                      4. Display resolution and colour depth A: I've been told they're good

      Q4: CPU type & speed  A: Please see attached screenshot jpeg - 'cpu'


      Q5: Amount of memory(RAM)  A: 8GB

      Q6: Video Card

                      1. Manufacturer  A: NVIDIA

                      2. Model   A: NVIDIA Ge Force 9800 GTX/9800 GTX

                      3. Driver version    A:

      Q7: Number of monitors (displays) in use   A: 1 monitor

      Q8: Audio card

                      1. Manufacturer    A: Analog Device

                      2. Model   A: Sound MAX Integrated digital HD Audio

                      3. Driver version    A:

      Q9: Each hard drive's capacity and space remaining

                      1. Disc setup (partitions used, raid configuration, what is where for OS/projects/media/scratch/audio)

      A: (c) drive - OS & Premiere software

                      69.5 GB free of 139 GB

          (e) drive - Projects - scratch discs and etc. Same as projects

                      RAID5 -  800GB free of 1.81 TB

      Q10: Hardware capture device

                      1. Manufacturer     A: Sony

                      2. Model          A: DSR 11

                      3. Driver version number    ?

      Q11. Capture software

                      A: Premiere Pro CS3

      Q12: Comprehensive list of third party plug ins you installed.

      A: Borris continuum 6

      Q14: Explain clearly what you want to do, what you are doing and what the result is

      A: I'm filming in SD, editing in Premiere and then output to DVD.  Once editing is complete, I go to export > Adobe media encoder(please see attached jpeg 'export jpeg settings'). That's how I make my mpegs. I then import the footage into Encore(CS3) and build the DVD, by first creating an image file. When I watch my DVD on a Plasma or LCD TV, I can clearly see the highlights flickering. Or, when I keyframe a picture to zoom backwards, I can clearly see it jittering.  I see the same results from editing on my laptop as well.export jpeg settings.jpg

      Q16: Post details of trouble shooting  you have already done to avoid 'did that' responses to questions people ask when trying to help.

      A:            - Right clicking footage and tried all the different field options. e.g. flicker removal, always deinterlace, reverse fields,   ect.

                      - BCC de interlace effect(Borris Continuum complete 6.0)

                      - Gaussian blur

                      - Changed the settings in 'Adobe media encoder. e.g. Upper field, progressive scan.

                      - tried using different tape decks and cameras to record in.

                      - I spoke with one of my previous trainers recently and said they tried editing in CS4(the same footage) and by changing the 'interperate footage' options. she was brief and I can no longer get in touch with her to find out more information.

                      - I've also tried constant bitrate(CBR) instead of VBR when I export DVD from Adobe Media Encoder.

                      - When opening a project, I've selected progressive scan

                      - I film using a Canon XHa1 and my filming settings are: DVPAL 16 x 9 50i

                      - I don't think it's the machine cause my laptop has the same result. I Use HP DV6 1143tx