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    Importing and exporting a 632x258 video while maintaining HQ


      All I want to do is import a 632 by 258 resolution video, edit it, then export it without losing quality and preferably with the same resolution.


      When I start a new project I have to choose one of the default types which is either 4:3 or 16:9 plus nothing near the resolution I want.  When I export the video it scrunches horizontally even when I use a letterboxed 16:9 ratio.  And even then no matter what I do the video comes out in horrible quality.  I've tried everything I can think of.


      This process is very simple in Magix, you just import and export it as an uncompressed video.  Problem is my trial is about to expire.  I prefer Premiere since it is far superior...but good lord I cannot do these steps that should be very simple.  And I don't care if the files are huge in size since I can compress them in Virtual Dub.  As is the deal with alot of people in here I feel like punching a hole in my monitor.