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    Open window

    Mike Crisp
      Can any enlighten me on a strange situation....

      I have used the command about 10000000 times on every project I have ever developed... but today it just doesn't want to work !!

      On mouseUp
      window ("game_1").open ()

      TODAY it comes up with a script error "Object expected"

      If I run it through a MX 2004 project ... script error
      if I run it through a MX projector - fine
      It comes up with the same error during authoring in MX04. Is there something in my movie that might be conflicting with this simple command.
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          duckets Level 1
          You're encountering the change in syntax and execution style of some of the commands that was introduced in Dir MX 2004. The change affects new projects only. If you bring in an old project (pre MX 04) into MX 04, the old syntax will work.

          The new syntax is:
          myWindow = window().new("Window Name")

          For more information, here's Tom Higgins' full explanation as posted to Lingo-L a while ago.

          - Ben
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            Mike Crisp Level 1

            Thanks for the info - come to think of it maybe most of my projects are based in some part on old movies.

            Question is do I battle on and 'learn' the new lingo or cop out and doctor an old one.... I wander !!!


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              McFazstp Level 1
              If you want to use the old syntax in a new movie

              _movie.scriptExecutionStyle = 9

              If you want to update an old movie you will have to set it to 10 to recognise the new syntax