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    MPEG2 Consumer Cameras and Premiere Pro

    Hira Meijin

      I'm a student in HighSchool and my school's film department has the Creative Suite installed on their machines, we use Premiere Pro to edit.

      Recently, I have been looking for a camera that I can use for my own needs, as well as for school projects. I'm trying to stay in the 300-500$ range, but so far, I haven't found a suitable camera to work with Premiere, in terms of file format and importing.


      As many of you all know, the majority, if not all consumer cameras on the market capture/record in MPEG2 or some variation/compression of that format. At school, we use older models of Sony and Panasonic cameras that have firewire outputs and we capture using the capture feature within Premiere.


      I was wondering if any of you have a work around, can reccomend me a camera, or point me in a direction of finding a suitable consumer level camera that works with Premiere Pro.