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    Print resolution with DNG converter 5.7 beta

    frank0239 Level 2

      I am using Lightroom 1.4.1, Vista 32bit sp2, Canon 350D and 550D cameras and Canon i9950 printer.  In order to open Canon RAW files from the 550D I am converting to DNG with the latest Adobe DNG converter (5.7.0212 beta).  I use ACR 4.1 compatibility in accordance with the guidance given on the DNG Converter preference page.  I have today noticed some abnormal behaviour that the beta release page asks me to report here.

      1. Converting 550D file to dng using the ACR 4.1 compatibility, opening the dng in Lightroom and printing the full (18M) frame at 6x4 inch, with the print options set to 480dpi and medium sharpening, I obtain a print which has a resolution of 100dpi or less.
      2. Crop the image to quarter size and print as 1 above - print resolution normal (480).
      3. Convert a 350D image (8M) and print as 1 above - print resolution normal
      4. Print 550D RAW using Canon DPP - print resolution normal
      5. Convert 550D file to dng using ACR 5.4 compatibility.  Opens OK in LR1.4.1 (fortunately), print as 1 above and print resolution is normal.


      The only apparent difference between converting at ACR 4.1 and 5.4 compatibility is the print resolution - the 5.4 version seems to open and be stable with LR 1.4.1.  To use 5.4 compatibility is an obvious workaround - are there any pitfalls when using this version?