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    CFMENU: work with transparence

    cyber fyb Level 1
      I am looking into the YUI API to try to find the right CSS method to apply a complete transparence on the menu (but not the text) since I have an image in background of the TABLE where I put the menu. Since the menu can fluctuate in terms of number of CFMENUITEM (depending of where the internet user is and also which language he/she is using), the menu is in the middle of the page. The image in background is crossing the entire width of the page, whenever is the user have 1024, 800, or whatever!

      If the background-image was not so complex, I will go with an alternative solution since I already found how to duplicate the background image in the CFMENU itself using the YUI class. But it is very difficult to cut the image in a way to respect the design in a continuous method.

      I play also with the filter:opacity and it is close but not the perfect solution.

      You can see from my code if you want to better understand.

      Thank you,