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    Adobe Reader doesn't run!


      I have a computer with two accounts, an administrator and a limited one! I have installed adobe reader 7.0. As administrator i can run the program ok but if i login with the limited account i receive an error message: Application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000022) with the subject reader_sl.exe.

      When i remove the reader_sl.exe from start up menu the new message is about Acrord32.exe, and anyway i can`t open Adobe Reader.

      Upgrading the limited account to an administrator account i can run the program, but i need this account be limited, i can't change that.

      The computer is not new so install a newest version is not a good idea.

      I suppose must be a permission problem. My question is, which registry keys i must change or add at the current user (limited account) to make adobe reader runs?

      My operating system is xp professional sp3!

      Thanks in advance, regards!