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    how to refresh a Spark List manually ?

    daslicht Level 2


      I am Building a News Module which consists of a DataGrid and a Spark List with a customItemRenderer.


      When I click on Item in the DataGrid I get the 'newsID' of the clicked Item and receive the associated newsDetails from my database into a ArrayCollection.


      This Array Collection is the dataprovider of my Spark List.


      Ok, so far so good , when I click teh first Item anything is working as it supposed to be.

      But when I click the second entry for example, teh spark list is not following and displaying the changed data but the ArrayCollections data is updating.

      I verified that by binding it to another dataGrid which has the ArrayCollection as DataProvider.


      So my question now is how to manually Refresh a Spark List .


      On google I found that someone suggested to set the ItemRenderer of the Spark List to null and re-declare it.


      How would i do that programatically?


      myList.itemRenderer = null and than?


      My custom item renderer is called HListRenderer.mxml


      Any Help is much appreciated