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    Renaming main file causes compiled SWF to stop working in Firefox only

    RandomReado Level 1

      I have a project as follows:


      src\UploadIndex.mxml (main file)



      I want to rename the main file to "FileUploader". I've renamed the component file to "Uploader", then renamed the main file to "FileUploader".


      The project now looks like:


      src\FileUploader.mxml (main file)



      The project compiles no problem and the SWF loads fine in both Internet Explorer and Firefox when using the debug option. So I've exported the release build.


      When I visit the direct URL to the SWF in Firefox, all I get is a blank page, but  if I right-click anywhere it says "About Adobe Flash Player" as expected. In Internet Explorer, using the same URL loads the SWF no problem.


      Internet Explorer is using the standard version of Flash Player 10, whereas Firefox is using the debug version. Flash Player has been reinstalled in Firefox (using the standard version) just to be sure.


      Any ideas?