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    Problems Populating My Tilelist/ArrayCollection from remote xml


      In my app I have an array collection which populates a tilelist. This array collection is populated by a remote xml file via a http request. Problem is if the xml only has 1 or no nodes I get a null object reference error. I know this is a known problem but I've never been able to find a valid solution for it which could be applied to my code. I've heard of looping through the xml to create an array collection or using xmllist collection but I don't know how these can be done whilst still allowing the data to be displayed in the tilelist. Can anyone help me out please?


      The code for my httpservice, array collcection I'm trying to make and the result of the http service and the tilelist it populates is shown below. As I say this all works fine as long as the xml has more than 1 node but causes the error if it doesn't:-


      <mx:HTTPService id="LinksService" result="linksResultHandler(event)" resultFormat="object" method="POST" url="http://www.coolvisiontest.com/getlinks.php"/>
        import mx.rpc.events.ResultEvent;
        import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;
        [Bindable] private var LinksFullAC:ArrayCollection;
        private function linksResultHandler(event:ResultEvent):void
         LinksFullAC=LinksService.lastResult.categories.category as ArrayCollection;
      <mx:TileList id="linkChoice"  dataProvider="{LinksFullAC}" height="365" width="665"/>


      Here's my xml structure:-




      Obviously I need the array collection to be populated by id, label and icon.


      Thanks for any suggestions.