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    resolution error

    Sashikala Balasubramanian Level 1

      I am using Illustrator CS4.

      There is resolution error while distilling the eps file to pdf. The pitstop error shows that the figure resolution is less than 149 dpi.


      But while checking the eps file, the resolution is correct and the embedded images value is 'NONE'.

      When the generated pdf (eps to pdf)  is loaded in Illustrator, the figure shows that there are two embedded images.The details are:




      Type: Black & white Bitmap (Colorized)

      Bits per pixel: 1


      Resolution: 1200 by 1200


      Type: Grayscale (colorized)

      Bits per pixel: 8


      Resolution: 0.581 by 0.42


      -------------- ]


      Please let me know how to resolve this resolution issue.