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    Flash Builder beta2 to Flash Builder release version migration problem




      recently I upgraded my beta2 version of Flash Builder to the trial of Flash Builder (the final version). When I wanted to recompile an existing project I am working on, it asked me to update some components (I was still using some Canvas components etc...). After replacing them all (I tried to as much to Spark components as possible), my project compiled succesfully.


      I had some strange suggestions for 'mx1' namespaces, but after replacing all mx-stuff with xmlns:mx="library://ns.adobe.com/flex/mx" this seemed to be solved.


      However, if I run my project, the application acts very ubstable:

      • switching to full screen interactive mode totally crashes the application
      • alert popups are not shown (the screen justs turns into a disabled state, without showing the popup)
      • comboboxes act very sluggish


      To put it short: the application is not usable anymore... Any ideas how to solve this? I have no warnings/errors, and the application ran perfectly under Flash Builder beta2.


      I am using the latest version of Air, Flash and LCDS (which I use for shared objects)...


      I hope somebody could give some advice, as I am in quite a panic...