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    Opening Office Documents from Flash

    SolitonMan Level 1

      Hi, we're working with a product called ProForm to create online courses that are Flash-based.  It's a pretty cool product, created by Rapid Intake and using ActionScript 2 as the basis.


      In a recent course I've been running into a problem.  I've created a custom Flash movie as one of the "pages" in the course.  In that movie I have links that use the getURL function to connect to some local files, and target a new window with the "_blank" option.  I've used this method many times with no issues, and when working with PDFs (thanks, Adobe! ) it works just fine across all browsers tested.


      The problem we're seeing is that when we try to use this method to connect directly to Office documents, the links fail to open the documents in Internet Explorer.  When using Firefox, they work fine, and soon after clicking the link the user receives a dialog asking if they wish to save or open the document.  This is the behavior which we expected in IE, and which one can achieve by holding the CTRL button and clicking the link (and don't ask me how that was figured out, 'cuz I don't know).  But when just clicking the link in IE, a browser window briefly pops up, then the thing disappears and nothing else happens - no file opens, no dialog appears, nothing.  Very frustrating.


      So if anyone has any experience with this issue and can offer any advice, I'd really appreciate hearing about it.  While we can work around this (e.g. - converting Office docs to PDFs) it's not our first choice, and since none of our development team understands exactly what is happening and why, it would be useful for future development efforts for us to be educated.  Thanks in advance for any help.