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    Looking for the UnZip Xtra for the Mac


      Hi all,


      I have an old PC-only application (MX2004) that now needs to be updated to a Mac. Everything seems to work fine except that I'm missing the UnZip Xtra on the Mac.


      After an over 95 minute phone call to Adobe to confirm whether such a thing exists, the 8th person thereabouts was finally able to Google the same web pages I had already found. Apparently, no one in Adobe knows that they still sell/support "such an old product" (their words). I finally ended the call at Friday 5PM Eastern -- time to go home.(BTW, in times like these, its great to have a phone system that displays a call's duration!!)


      If its true that it exists, how can I get my hands on this Mac UnZip Xtra? Do I spend $1000 to purchase Mac Director? Does Adobe sell me the 100KB plug-in for the cost of the hour-and-a-half of my life wasted getting no definitive answer from them?


      Does anybody out there have the inside track to an Adobe person who can give me a definitive answer and solution?

      Note: at this point, I'm not really interested in re-programming the application. I'd rather plop in the Mac-equivalent plug-in, tweak, tell the customer to rename files to a 31-character limit (if that is needed), and ship the application.


      Any suggestions?



      Call: 1-800-654-8008 ask for Peter B


      P.s. if anyone has the chance, please thank Adobians Rajiv, ??, Anthony (twice!), Andie, Charlie, Monica, Bronson, Michael (all spelling approximate) for trying but failing

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          Mike Blaustein Level 4

          The ZipXtra and UnzipXtra are part of the standard Director installation for DMX 2004.  I assume that you are authoring on a PC, so you should simply be able to add the xtra to your projector's xtralist (Modify, Movie, Xtras).  Then publish the movie for Mac and it should include it for you.


          If for some reason the xtra does not work, you could try a 3rd party one, like Valentin's free zlib xtra



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            PileBottom Level 1

            Hi Mike,


            Thanks for the quick response.


            I was able to track down a Good Samaritan who passed along the Mac Unzip Xtra.


            When adding the UnZip Xtra via Modify>>Movies>>Xtras, and without the Mac UnZip Xtra in the local Xtras folder, my application fails with a Script Error (probably at 'pZip = new (xtra "UnzipXtra")'.


            When I include the UnZip Xtra in the local Xtras folder, no Script Error.


            I have secondary problems of course. The file downloaded is now unzipping but the result is incorrect. It looks like the first alphabetical filename is longer than 31 characters. Mac Unzip truncates that name and refuses to properly unzip any of the other 14 files and 1 folder (some with names shorter than 31 characters).


            Unless someone out there has some Mac UnZip-fu they can pass along, I'll do some further tests with shorter file and folder names and, if ok, encourage my Client to rejig his workflow.


            Thanks again,