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    Making the contents of the <title> tag conditional


      (RH HTML, version


      Hi all,

      Is there a way of making the contents of the <title> tag conditional? One of my topics needs to have a different title according to the chm it goes into (designer chm or end user chm). Search results are based on the contents of the <title> tag, not of <h1>, so the contents of the <title> tags do need to be specific.


      I tried applying conditional tags inside the code manually (I copied <?rh-cbt_start condition="Designer" ?>, etc), but it just doesn't work (both versions of the title show).


      Then I created 2 different html files, each with the correct <title>, and inserted the contents of the topic as a snippet. That worked OK. But now I have an image map in another topic that refers to my double-file topic (and this image map appears in both versions of the chm as well)! The only way to make things work is to have 2 versions of the image map, each with the correct link.


      I thought the idea of single sourcing was to make things simpler and to save time... Did I miss something? Does anyone have any suggestions?

      Thanks, C.