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    New To Dreamweaver


      Hey all,

      I'm completely new to dreamweaver and expect the learning curve to be a little steep initially.  Of course I'll dive right into it.   Any suggestions on coming up to full speed on dreamweaver and learning how to use it?  I do have background with website design but have been using Microsoft Frontpage.  I know - prehistoric software but its taken some time for me to be able to purchase something expensive like Dreamweaver CS4.


      By the way, I almost got burnt on eBay because I bought a cheaper copy of Dreamweaver CS4.  It all seemed legitimate until I tried to register the serial number and with the help of Adobe Support, I found out my software was not authentic and invalid.  After I bought a legitimate copy and opened it up, I could see all the differances between the fake one and the real one.  Amazing.  Learned my lesson too!  Fortunately, eBay is getting me a refund on this.  I'm lucky!